Pancakes are so great. Chocolatey pancakes, blueberry pancakes, pancakes with a sprinkle of sugar *sigh*. It is for this reason that I absolutely loved this tag when I saw it, so thank you Kay for tagging me 🙂 Becky’s Pancake Book Tag is creative and prompts the writer to match books with different pancake toppings. I am a big fan of desserts and books so I jumped at the opportunity!

pancakes stack with strawberries and caramel sauce delicious.

The Rules🥞📗🍓

  • Link back to the original creator of the post (go read it here!)
  • Feel free to use any of the pancake graphics in your post, or you can create your own.
  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post and let them know you’ve tagged them.
pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar
ovid metamorphoses book poem

When I think of a piece of writing with beautiful descriptions the award had to go to Ovid for his Metamorphoses. This is actually a long poem (over 10000 lines!) comprised of many mythological stories with outstanding natural imagery. Some examples include Achilles, the gods, and the Minotaur. Despite having been originally written in Latin, the English translation is truly amazing.

lockwood and co book

Anthony Lockwood from Lockwood and Co. is a sharp thinker and quick on his feet. He is full of great ideas in the mission to exorcise ghosts and has witty retorts which do not fail to amuse!

vampire academy book by richelle mead

Vampire Academy. Rose and Dimitri, need I say more? Charged with protecting mortal vampires and a half-vampire herself, Rose is badass and and uses her strength and mind skills to tackle the evil immortal vampires that threaten to attack the school, her best friend, and her love.

The Pancake Book Tag 9
frost hollow hall by emma carroll book cover

Frost Hollow Hall was such a fantastic read that I raved and raved about it! This is an interesting and heart-warming read.

The Pancake Book Tag 6
star of kazan book

The Star of Kazan is a wonderfully indulgent book because of its mouthwatering desciptions of food and culture in Vienna.

The Pancake Book Tag 4
the mediator by meg cabot

Suze from The Mediator series to me seemed quite sharp at first. She is very sarcastic with her replies and doesn’t seem to have much patience with dealing with ghosts whom she is supposed to help. However we see a more emotional side to her as a romance develops between her and Jesse.

The Pancake Book Tag 5
eleanor oliphant is completely fine book

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine had me guessing till the very end of the book. A really eccentric character paired with a good plot makes for a decent read.

The Pancake Book Tag 7
the hunger games book

I really didn’t see what the big deal about Katniss and Peeta was because I really thought Gale might have been a better choice at first. However, Peeta’s temperment and personality compliments that of Katniss and I really couldn’t help liking this couple better in the end. Peeta really stood up for Katniss and did what he could to protect her. The choices these two male characters make reflect their priorities, and Katniss was definitely Peeta’s priority.

The Pancake Book Tag 8
wonder book

Julian from Wonder is a nasty boy who bullies a boy because he was born with a condition that makes him look different from other people. His attention-seeking and cruel behaviour earns him this spot.

the nowhere girls book

The Nowhere Girls is a very diverse book and a really interesting read! The main characters are a hispanic girl called Rosina and Erin who is a girl with Asperger’s syndrome. There is also an African-American boy who is a potential romantic interest of another character.

I tag…






Please do not feel obligated to do the tag if it not your thing but it is so much fun to do so I would highly recommend it!

What is your favourite pancake topping? What is your comfort read? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Pancake Book Tag // Pairing Books With Delicious Treats!

  1. Mmmmmmm yummy pancakes 😊 I like mine with some berries and my grandads wildflower honey, ultimate combo! Fascinating post 😁

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  2. Thanks for the tag, Anna! It will take me a few days to post it, however, as some of these questions really got me thinking!!

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  3. Eek, I’m sorry for the late reply! WordPress only just sent me the pingback for this today 🙈. My favourite pancake topping is strawberries and cream. Thank you for the tag, Anna! 💜

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