Enchanting, exciting, and mesmerising. The Calling of Morrigan Crow series is truly spectacular! If you are looking for a book that is hard to put down, full of magic, twists, and funny but likeable characters then Nevermoor could be right for you. The world that Townsend created is truly imaginative and fans of Harry Potter would be likely to enjoy it. The following is a spoiler-free review.

nevermoor book cover by jessica townsend for book review

Nevermoor introduces us to a strong-willed misfit of a girl called Morrigan Crow who is treated badly but soon finds herself whisked away by the charming Jupiter North into a magical land called Nevermoor. There she must prove her worth if she is to become a member of the infamous Wunder society, by passing four seemingly impossible tasks and showing a talent which she doesn’t think she has. If she does not…she will be sent back to the Republic where she would find herself in mortal peril

There isn’t a dull moment in The Calling of Morrigan Crow series. The pages are action-packed and interesting. The descriptions of the magical world are truly magnificent and the stories flow effortlessly. There are also twists and turns along the way, keeping the reader constantly guessing and eager to read more! I particularly loved Hotel Deucalion with its weird and wonderful rooms, decorations, and parties (such as rooms that change their furniture according to the occupier).

The characters are also highly interesting. I am particularly fond of Fenestra the Magnificat (a stubborn and independent giant cat who talks like a human). The storylines themselves are highly creative, and the tasks remind me a little of the tasks from the Triwizard Tournaments from Harry Potter mixed with the Sorting ceremony. This book is out of this world!

R/T: Rose and Thorn (Please see About section for more information)

Rating: 4.5/5

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